I never would have thought Damian Lews is was British, either.

I caught the first couple of episodes of “Life” and found it intriguing enough to drop a Season Pass in the TiVO.

Some things are a little overdone–they seem to believe that every episode requires a scene where Charlie is able to make a nigh-magical connection with someone they need to talk, presumably because of his time in prison–but hopefully the writers will see fit to abandon those more obvious tics.

Only time will tell if the writers have actually created depth in the character, or just the illusion of depth–at two episodes in, they’re still in the “hinting at bigger, deeper things” stage.

Anyway, I mostly gave it a chance since I liked Damian Lewis immensely in _Band of Brothers_. Imagine my surprise in going to IMDB and finding out that he’s both British and younger than I am.

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