Not much to say about Katrina…

I remember being quite happy on Tuesday morning, as it appeared that New Orleans was spared the worst treatment–not to minimize the damage that had been done to Biloxi and Gulfport or even Hattiesburg, but New Orleans is 1) closer to my heart, and 2) seemed like the place that held the most potential for going from a disaster to a clusterfuck.

I was actually happy hearing that the worst damage in the Quarter, which had really seemed like it would take it in the shorts, was that a bunch of trees around the cathedral had fallen (incidentally, refraining from taking out a statue of Jesus).

And then the first levee broke, and it’s just gone from bad to worse.

I’ve not sought out coverage–plenty is coming in through the blogs I read and I just don’t have the endurance to cope with much in the way of disaster pr0n–but it still pops up in odd places. For instance, Anne had been looking (fruitlessly) for chicory for several weeks, and I finally had the bright idea to ask at “Bean Traders”: Indeed, they have some (and will let us have some) because a regular customer was in New Orleans a few weeks ago and brought back several pounds for them. But, now, it may have to last awhile.


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