If there was any doubt I was going to Hell…

…I guess my practice of yoga is really only confirmation. I had absolutely no idea (not, in fact, that I cared), but Laurette Willis, Founder of “PraiseMoves”:http://www.praisemoves.com/ assures me that “yoga is likely to lead people away from Christ”:http://www.praisemoves.com/ChristianAlternative.htm.

In fact, she links to “another resource”:http://www.macgregorministries.org/cult_groups/yoga.html, that classes yoga as a cult, and “another”:http://www.johnankerberg.org/Articles/article-index-y_1.html that has several articles discussing its incompatibilities with Christianity.

You know, I am sometimes amazed that certain stripes of Christians are allowed to use computers because having to, say, type, distracts them from their necessarily constant focus on The Lord.

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