Another reorganization of the sound system here at Tendentious Towers.

Well, it’s not that much of a reorg, really, other than to remove the ihp-140 from the laptop itself, and attach it to the micro-server, and use “mpd”: on that system for actually playing things.

It’s kinda fun, too, to be sitting downstairs, tweaking the playlist for what’s going on upstairs.

Interestingly, I also get *much* better sound out of the audio hardware on the micro-server than out of the audio hardware on the laptop. Less noise, especially during quiet passages. Now if only the processor weren’t so dang slow for actually encoding to OGG, I’d be all set–the DVD drive is plenty fast for ripping.

Oh, well, if that’s the only price I pay for fanlessness, I’m happy to pay it.

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