Well, I would be late…

…insofar as she was born on Saturday (9:46pm, weighed 8lbs 5oz, 19.5 inches long, ever notice how easy it would be to mistake this for a fish someone caught?), but I didn’t hear until now–and second-hand at that, I’m hurt, I tell you, hurt!–that Chris and Aimee have actually decided on a name for their new arrival, Kayley Nicole.

In fact, looking at “the last announcement”:/2004/11/no-rest-for-the-wicked.html, two days versus three days doesn’t make me seem especially tardy, at least not according to the miserable benchmark I’ve established.

Right now, I’m just happy there’ll be at least one niece among my immediate relations–boys are a dime a dozen. OK, maybe a buck a dozen. Whatever. As far as I’m concerned, the more rug-rats I get to be uncle to, the merrier, as long as I get to go home afterward.

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