My days of router hackery are over…

I broke down and did what I’d recently recommended to someone else–I bought a Linksys WRT54GS, and then I ponied up the $20/year for the subscription to’s super-firmware.

(Yes, I know there’s some conflict about GPL compliance WRT, although from my understanding of the issues (that they want to restrict circulation of betas), I don’t have a problem with it, really.)

Boy, I am awfully pleased.

For < $100 all told, I got 802.11g (though I am having one bastard of a time finding a cardbus card with an in-kernel driver), a four-port switch (though I’m really only using one), a router, a VPN server (albeit PPTP), a dhcp server that’ll do static address assignments, a local DNS server that cooperates with it, and no doubt a bunch of other stuff I haven’t discovered yet.

I don’t generally like consumer hardware, but sometimes they get it right.

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