So someone on /. mentioned it…

…and I realized that we had a copy of Dan Brown’s ??The Da Vinci Code?? sitting around–Anne’s mother had read it and sent it to us when done with it (all hail the First Sale doctrine).

So, looking for something to keep me busy while my brain was idling, I read it. Didn’t take particularly long, which is just as well, since I would have to begrudge more time spent on it.

Me, I’ll take Umberto Eco’s ??Foucault’s Pendulum?? any day. That’s a book that takes a lot of the same base material and does something that is not pat and predictable and Hollywood.

I mean, it’s not that ??The Da Vinci Code?? is _bad_, per se–the writing is perfectly workable, doesn’t clang on the ear like, say, Tom Clancy, the plot is internally consistent, etc. It’s just that it’s a perfect movie in book form, and if you know me well, you’ll know that that’s really not intended as a compliment.

It’s like listening to ??Kingdom Come??, who could never in a million years have produced anything like the first four bars of Led Zeppelins ??We’re Gonna Groove?? (why that track? I just saw the new live LZ DVD, and that opening just blew me away). Just go to the source.

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