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bq.. Dear Neil, other people who may or may not read this

I am a 23-year old soon to be school librarian and have been enjoying a lot of the random library banter that’s been on your blog lately. I thought I would send in some more info and thoughts becuase I am sure whatever in box this goes to isn’t clogged enough.

# “Where’s Waldo” has been challenged and banned so many times because one page features a beach scene on which the sharp eyed viewer may notice a sun bathing woman who has been startled and whose bikini has fallen off. This small illustrator reveals the shocking truth to our children that there are breasts in this world and that women have them. Thank God for all right thinking parents out there who have shielded the innocent lambs of the world from this menace.

# Libraries sometimes have to play games with where they put their books, because the librarians feel it’s more important to have the books in the library. Hence you find some graphic novels in more adult areas, while others may be in a YA section. Librarians want to buy the books that people want. My public library used to have the all of the Sandman graphic novels, until someone stole/lost. Library patrons, tell your librarians what you want. Library budgets are being cut like crazy, but if a couple of people say they want the same things, your librarians should try and find a way to help you out. Graphic Novels are The New Hot Topic of library science so strike now while the iron is hot. Frankly I can’t wait till I finish my MLIS in Dec. and get myself a high school library so I can start a graphic novel collection and get angry parent phone calls.

And in the event this gets posted for the wider world to see, do something really radical and subversive that will threaten the morals of society. Read a banned book, banned book week runs from Sept 20-27. If nothing else, pick up Harry Potter. Hundreds of parents swear it will cause you to lose all respect for authority and worship Satan.

p. I agree with Neil’s assessment:

bq. Oh, I think you’re going to be an excellent librarian…

With John Ashcroft belittling those who worry about their privacy, and denigrating librarians for being alarmist and the running dogs of the ACLU, it’s great to see new librarians with that subversive spirit.

Support your local library.

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