Five days without an update…

Five fairly busy days, too.

Finished building a diagram for the the data model for one of my clients. Did some more tweaking on my dia-to-sql XSL stylesheet to get things working. I think I’m starting to really _like_ XSL. What’s next, scheme? Intercal? Brainfuck?

I _should_ package up my stylesheet for public consumption, though–I understand that the next version of Dia is going to have an XSLT plugin, which would mean you could go directly from the diagram to SQL without an intervening processing step.

Now I’ve got to start getting the legacy data pulled out of the existing database and into the new one. That’s going to be a nightmare–the old database format is poorly normalized, and ages of poor programming have contributed to there being a lot of crapulous data in it. I am only looking forward to it in the sense that it will give me lots of hours to bill.

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